Transonic Transportation

Automated Tube Transport



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Safer, Quieter, & Civil

Unlike conventional HSR, Transonic's Automated Tube Transport (ATT) does NOT move passengers. By focusing solely on freight, we bypass the risks of needing government bailouts to stay operational. 

In addition, our ATT Infrastructure is significantly more quiet due to the depressurized environment. Because the infrastructure is entirely enclosed & automated, we also bypass the risks of splitting land in half, human error, harming livestock, traffic accidents, or wandering children. 

A Better Life

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), failing to invest in our vital transportation systems by 2020 will cause household incomes to fall by $7,000. And unlike other transportation systems which would require Increased Taxes on State and Local levels, Transonic's private financing approach ensures that taxes are left as they are. What's more - the reduced amount of freight transported on State and Federal Highways will result is less 'wear & tear', eventually resulting in responsible lowering of taxes.

Additional benefits to local communities include: 

  • Increased Safety - 1 in 9 traffic fatalities is the result of a collision with a large truck.
  • Less Congestion
  • Cleaner Air
  • Job Creation