Transonic Transportation

Automated Tube Transport

Model S Series

Earlier this year, Transonic finished preliminary design of its 80-Passenger Prototype Model S-01. While this will not be our final design, it will be used as a 'jump-off' point for all subsequent passenger transport models. 

Model S-01 Mesh
Model S-01 Aeronautical Simulation

Model S-01 will be the first in the line of our Model S series, the name being derived from the latin name for the mermaid, a mythical creature who would lead seafarers to safety. Taking a cue from Hideki Anno's critically acclaimed science fiction series, Transonic's naming of it's Production & Prototype models will use a variation of the 'Name_Unit-##' designation as a nod to his work.

But what makes this model special is the aeronautical theory involved. Without going too much into detail, the basic concept uses a design that minimizes wave drag at speeds equal to or exceeding Mach 0.7, which makes for a more comfortable passenger experience. When modeled in an open-air environment at Mach 0.80 using Aerion Technologies' GoCart software, it's seen that a sonic cone doesn't form towards the middle of the system as theory dictates, but instead towards the rear. When operating in a low-pressure environment such as the Hyperloop's closed-loop system, it's very possible that a sonic cone may not develop. 

As Transonic moves forward towards DOT Approval and Prototype testing, we will be giving updates on our progress here, so be sure to check back for more Hyperloop news!