Transonic Transportation

The Next Great American Project

About Us

Started in 2016, Transonic Transportation, LLC is a Southeast U.S. based Hyperloop development firm working towards the implementation of our system for everyday commuter transport. 


As technology has developed and the transportation infrastructure needs of civilization evolves, we find ourselves at a crossroads where a high-volume, high-speed transportation system akin to Beach's Pneumatic Transit, Daryl Oster's ET3 Transport, or Elon Musk's Hyperloop would solve many of the issues that we are confronted with on a daily basis. 

It's for this reason that Transonic was founded - to create transportation solutions for a future where conventional transportation methods are becoming increasingly ineffective. As opposed to our competition, our collective experience is in large-scale infrastructure & pipeline engineering. Our team members include the previous Civil Engineer for the Causeway Bridge (longest bridge over continuous water in the world) and the Project Manager for Kinder Morgan's $1B Palmetto Pipeline project. This experience in infrastructure allows us a greater insight as to what will be most effective for the implementation of a Hyperloop system, and also makes us the only hyperloop firm whose core team has experience designing, managing, & executing infrastructure projects in the range of $100M-$1B+. 

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