Transonic Transportation

The Next Great American Project

S.A. to Austin in 15 Minutes 

Our immediate goal in the implementation of a Hyperloop system is the installation of a route connecting San Antonio, TX & Austin, TX. 

Regional growth in the area is truly impressive, with a 58% increase in population expected from 2000-2020. Unfortunately, the Lone Star rail plan that has been proposed for roughly two decades and would have serviced less than 1% of the population daily was canceled Mid-2016, leaving the region without a viable HSR project. 

Enter Transonic

In June of 2016 Transonic moved it's main operations to San Antonio, TX at the recommendation of local business leaders & our Board Members, and we haven't looked back since. Our Hyperloop System will transport 6,000-12,000 passengers/hr, servicing a max of 5% of the region's projected 2020 population over the course of an 18Hr Day. The average cost of Roundtrip Hyperloop pass would be in the range of $8-$12, meaning that affordable transportation would be available to everyone, not just the elite & business class. Compared to $0.44/Mile for gas & depreciation, this is a discount in excess of $20 for a one-way trip between San Antonio & Austin. And because transportation takes place in a depressurized, closed-loop system - we are able to operate without unnecessary energy expenditure, which translates into minimum Operating & Maintenance Costs. 

Unlike the original rail plan which taxes the public for a service less than 1% would use, our funding plan currently uses a private investment model. And unlike other rail plans that require large tracts of land to implement, we will be able to allow landowners to keep their land to use in its entirety. This is possible through the closed-loop system being mounted on pylons, which allows almost all land built over to still be available to landowners. Instead of claiming imminent domain, our plan has us working with landowners who will receive dividends (similar to mineral rights) in exchange for right-of-ways.

As we move closer to construction, we'll continue meeting with officials from San Antonio & Austin to ensure that construction & implementation is executed by 2026. 

For more info on the San Antonio-Austin Rail Study cited in this report, click here