Transonic Transportation

Automated Tube Transport

Magnolia Line

NOLA/Hattiesburg - 15 Min

Transonic's Magnolia Line would connect the City of New Orleans with Central Mississippi, allowing the improved flow of goods to and from the Port of New Orleans, and by extension the rest of the world. 

Great Dixie Route

Hattiesburg/Birmingham - 25 Min  Birmingham/Atlanta - 15 Min

Alabama. Mississippi. Georgia. All three states are vital to the nation's economy, even if the rest of the country may not recognize it. Between Alabama's banking & aerospace, Georgia's travel and broadcasting, and Mississippi's abundant natural resources, connecting these three great states would create a level of economic growth not seen since the Industrial Revolution. 

S.E. Triangle

Atlanta/Nashville - 30 Min     Birmingham/Nashville - 20 Min

Connecting two of the most important economic centers in the South with one of the Nation's music capitals is a Southerner's dream come true. Tennessee's rich tradition of music, thriving medical industry, burgeoning economy, and beautiful tourism attractions further compliment the strengths of the Great Dixie Route. 

Atchafalaya Route

New Orleans/Houston - 35 Min

Connecting the vibrant Texas economy to the Southeastern states, the Atchafalaya Route will directly connect two of the largest ports in the world - Port of Houston & the Port of S. Louisiana. Named after the basin which it crosses, this route will be a favorite for those employed in the Gulf Coast's booming industrial sector. Stops will include Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge. 

Peach State Express

Atlanta/Savannah - 25 Min

With shipping, manufacturing, and tourism as its main industries, Savannah has established itself as one of the main economic drivers in the U.S. Joining Savannah with the City of Atlanta would allow goods and services to become even more interconnected, and spur growth in the State of Georgia. 

Coastal Carolina Route

Savannah/Charleston - 17.5 Min Charleston/Raleigh - 30 Min Raleigh/Richmond - 20 Min

Beautiful Beaches. Robust Trade. Rich History. Technological Development. Large Investment. These are just a few things that come to mind when one considers the economic drivers in the states of S. Carolina, N. Carolina, and Virginia. Collectively, this region includes a U.S. Court of Appeals, 6 (Six) Fortune-500 Companies, A Federal Reserve Office, the 13th Largest Container Seaport in N. America, and some of the most renowned universities in the world.  

Old Dominion Line

Richmond/D.C. - 12.5 Min

Providing a literal direct pipeline for the Southeastern States to our Nation's Capital, the Old Dominion Line would allow citizens and lawmakers alike to travel to the political center of the United States at a fraction of the time and cost.